Scottie Beardsley

As an inspirational spiritual leader, Scottie Beardsley serves the many diverse and desperate needs of his community. He acts as a teacher, guide, and religious authority and is always there to listen.


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A Revered Spiritual Leader

Ever since he was young, Scottie  Beardsley knew he was destined for a career devoted to the service of others. He continues to work on his religious studies by continuing his education at Liberty University in the Master of Divinity program. After a number of rewarding posts he has come to serve his current community in Grafenwohr, Germany. Beyond his present position, he has also given lectures on ethical and moral issues to the wider Military community.


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Whether you have a problem, a question or are just looking to talk, Scottie Beardsley is available to help.

Praying Together

+49 1629513609

Weiden, Germany

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